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The neurologist recommends Reflo

The neurologist recommends Reflo

Why is it worth starting learning to drink with the Reflo Training Cup?

The Reflo cup is a modern training cup for every toddler, thanks to which your child will naturally, stress-free, and quickly put the bottle or teat away and learn to drink from an open vessel. The Reflo cup has a patented insert that performs two functions. Firstly, it protects against sudden spilling of the entire contents of the cup onto the baby, which could discourage a toddler from learning to drink, and is a safe introduction to drinking from a normal cup with an unregulated flow

It is worth starting learning to drink with Reflo, and not with the popular drinking bottles with a straw, because Reflo, unlike non-spills, does not have a negative impact on the development of speech and bite. In addition, it looks like a traditional glass or mug from which the toddler will drink independently in the future. When drinking with Reflo, the baby from an early age positions his lips and tongue correctly and stimulates swallowing. On the other hand, water bottles with a straw may strengthen the suckling reflex, which in the future may cause malocclusion and speech impediments. The toddler instinctively exercises the correct fluid intake. It perpetuates the learned process of swallowing and nasal breathing while drinking. Implements sequencing in the method of drink intake and swallowing.

When and how to start learning to drink?

You should start learning to drink from a cup as soon as possible, it is recommended from the 6th month of life. During this period of development, the child begins to sit up, stands upright, and his motor coordination develops. The child develops speech articulators, especially the tongue, which tries to upright, prepares to chew, bite and, which is especially important, the infant swallowing reflex is withdrawn. The Reflo cup will help prevent drooling, because it will immediately induce the toddler to swallow mature. The Reflo cup is light and fits the little hands of a child, which makes the little one happy to use the cup. The child will be able to easily manipulate the cup, developing motor coordination (eye - hand - mouth). In addition, the cups have intense colors that encourage drinking, and the transparent material from which they are made, and the narrow edge of the cup help the child to control the content.

Thanks to its shape, the Reflo eliminates the sucking reflex. Other training cups, due to inadequate structure, too high a placed inlay, non-spill system and straws, can perpetuate the sucking reflex, which contributes to malocclusion and speech impediments at a later stage of speech development. The cup teaches how to swallow a mature one in a natural way. In swallowing, such a crucial element is the upright position of the tongue, which eliminates salivation and speech defects in the form of interdental lisp.

Reflo not only for learning to drink?

The Reflo cup is not only recommended for healthy babies. It can be used as a therapeutic cup for many diseases, such as Down's Syndrome, Cleft Palate, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks to the patented insert, the drink flows from the cup with a constant intensity, the stream is regular and gentle. This will prepare the disabled child to drink from a regular glass in the future. The Reflo cup can also be used in the nutritional therapy of adults suffering from neurogenic dysphagia. This applies to all patients with conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The Reflo cup will exercise and consolidate proper swallowing. Thanks to the insert, the patient will avoid dripping. The colorful colors of the mug are suitable for children and adults.

I recommend the Reflo Cup, the only one on the Polish market recommended by neurologopedists, speech therapists and pediatricians. It is a mug that looks like a "real" glass and allows you to learn easily and safely to drink from an open vessel. By drinking from it, you eliminate the risk of malocclusion, and, in the future, speech impediments caused using incorrect feeding accessories.


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