Reflo Smart Cup
Reflo Smart Cup
Training cup speech therapy cup for learning how to drink independently
Reflo Smart Cup
Reflo Smart Cup
Training cup. Recommended by orthodontists. Bite-neutral.
Reflo Smart Cup
Reflo Smart Cup
Training cup. Recommended by speech therapists.


The young American parents Lisa and Pete came up with the idea of creating the Reflo training cup in 2010.
They were looking for a product that would learn a child how to drink from an open vessel safely. Their project turned out to be a success.
Reflo Smart Cup is the favorite cup of children and parents around the world, recommended by speech therapists.

Reflo cups are entirely made in the USA


The way for safe learning

Reflo Smart Cup is light and handy. The use of translucent material allows a child to correctly judge the position of liquid in the cup.The patented insert regulates its flow. It is available in four colors.


Reflo Smart Cup is recommended by paediatricians,
speech and occupational therapists.

Patented insert
Original cup
Safe drinking all the way around the cup rim

The Reflo Smart Cup has been many annual awards winner!

Product 2014-2019 (3).png (203 KB)

Family choice 2020 poprawione.png (188 KB)

Product 2017-2019c.png (97 KB)

2020.png (239 KB)

reflo supermama award (1).png (50 KB)


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